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General Sales Conditions

Orders must be sent to people of Eos S.r.l. “Motorscan Division” Sales department by e-mail, by phone or by fax +390521/631414. The same will be considered accepted after written confirmation or implicitly upon delivery of the goods. All prices are out of taxes and ex works, special packaging not included. The minimum order is € 300,00, for lesser amounts will be charged, as operating cost, the amount of  € 20,00.


Transport costs for the delivery of products, for sale and also for the return of goods for repairing, are at the Customer’s charge. Before collecting the goods, the Customer shall carry out the inspection of the packages and also of the respective delivery notes: he shall do this either if the goods are collected at Eos S.r.l. “Motorscan Division”, or if the transport is carried out by a forwarder agent. In this last case, the eventual claims shall be addressed to the forwarder agent itself.


Eos S.r.l. “Motorscan Division” has the right to communicate timing of order fulfillment by phone and/or by fax and/or by e-mail after having received the order. Eos S.r.l. “Motorscan Division” doesn’t accept any penality due to a delay of delivery. Delays beyond 5 working days on delivery times previously established will be communicated to the customer by Eos “Motorscan Division” and a new delivery date will be agreed.


Payment must be done directly to Eos S.r.l. “Motorscan Division” by following terms and modality written on invoice,in any case Eos S.r.l. “Motorscan Division” doesn’t accept any arbitrary and unilateral reductions on invoices amount.  Any special payment delay shall be submitted to mutual written agreement. Interests on delayed payment will be calculated according to the current prime rate, increased of 4 points and of any eventual additional costs.


Possible manufacturing defects must be notified by the buyer through written registered letter with advise of receipt or by certified mail (PEC), within eight (8) days since they have been discovered. The warranty for the a.m. defects can be enforced by the buyer within twelve (12) months from the product delivery.
Damages and/or malfunctions due to carelessness and negligence in the use, to wrong installation and /or maintenance and/or reparations, to maintenance and/or reparations carried out by non-authorised staff, and the damages due to transport shall not be covered by warranty.  Reparations shall be executed by Eos S.r.l. “Motorscan Division” or by the authorised centres after the reception of the goods in carriage-free. The return of the goods to the Customer will be done in carriage forward.


Eos S.r.l. “Motorscan Division” has no responsibility, nor obligation for accident to people or to goods deriving from the incorrect use of the instruments supplied.


All agreements in partial or total exemption to the general conditions of supply and/or with the specific conditions set out about offers or order confirmations, shall result from the explicit written agreement,  signed by Eos S.r.l. “Motorscan Division”


The buyer, who claims for any problems or for any other reason, shall not delay or suspend the establish payments or raise exceptions on the obligations of the same payments, nor undertake judicial actions, before having settled them.


In case of dispute the competent Court will be the one of Parma.