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    ATF Service

    Automatic gearbox cleaning & oil replacing

    ATF Service for automatic gearbox maintenance has been designed and realized with only 4 control keys to allow the car repairer to work in a maximum safety and user friendly manner in all operating procedures, in a sequential and clear way, following the commands on the multi-language display.

    The station can be equipped with our DATABANK thanks to a PC or TABLET that displays all features of the automatic transmissions of several models. ATF Service represents an advanced and professional solution for the management of the entire maintenance cycle of automatic gearboxes, by safety performing a complete cleaning and oil replacing.

    Technical features
    Monochromatic LCD display 80x25 available
    Multilinguage software available
    Pump (max 5,5 - min 4,5 l/min) max pressure 9 bar available
    Oil Measurement: n.2 electronic scales available
    Weight correction new oil available
    Measurement of the exhausted oil temperature available
    Automatic additive injection available
    Possibility to operate in automatic/manual mode available
    Flow Viewer (exhausted/new) available
    New and exhausted oil tanks 2x25 lt
    Automatic detection oil flow available
    Case of connectors and hoses, on request specific models available
    Printer available
    DATA kit - Vehicles database (subscription for 12 months) available
    Power supply
    Power Supply 12 V CC (option 230 V AC)
    Dimensions 650x450 mm - H 1130 mm
    Weight 61 Kg