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    CLIMAX 3006/P

    Fuel type

    A/C maintenance system technology for motor vehicles

    The Climax 3006/P unit is equipped with oil scales that allow the charging process to be automated.
    In any case, the valves located on the front panel leave the operator a fair amount of fexibility in managing the entire A/C
    system maintenance process. Simple, user-friendly software guides the operator through the various operational phases.

    Printer included.

    Technical features
    Maximum allowable pressure (PS) 20 bar
    Operating temperature +10°C/ +50 °C
    Helium leak test All pneumatics parts
    Filter dryer capacity 50 kg
    High and low pressure gauges Diam. 80 mm (CI. 1)
    Internal tank gauge Diam. 40 mm (CI. 2,5)
    Vehicles database (car, heavy duty, customer-defned) 8008 cars, 115 heavy duty. Available customer defined database for 414 models.
    Sevice hoses 3,0 meters SAE J2196 compliance
    Printer Included
    Air purge Full electronic system
    Power supply
    Power supply 230 V - / 50-60 Hz
    Power 1000 VA
    Weight 65 kg
    Dimension 530 x 530 x 950